A Luxury Rally from New York to San Francisco, Featuring the Best Rally Roads in America - NO INTERSTATES! An Exclusive, Invitational Event With a Difference - COMING SOON!

This Really is an Adventure of a Lifetime

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Imagine, for a moment.


It’s just you, your travelling companion and the open road ahead of you – a twisting, sweeping ribbon of smooth blacktop stretching away into the distance as far as you can see. Listen to the smooth sounds of that finely tuned exotic engine, echoing around the trees, and powering you on mile after mile.

Off in the distance are rolling hills and mountains covered in magnificent pine forests, with shimmering lakes amidst reflecting that clear blue sky. Every now and again you come across a quaint cottage, a stone clad farmhouse, or a pretty village reflecting the simpler life, while the locals give you a friendly wave as you pass by.

This is driving in rural, off-the-beaten-path America.


Explore a United States of America that is full of fantastic “driver’s roads,” hidden from the melee of day-to-day life, and as far away from your everyday commute as you could imagine. These roads are sometimes tricky to find, but they are just made for you and your exotic car.

There’s a reason they call this country “America, the Beautiful.” You will discover just what they mean when you participate as one of the 30, invited drivers from around the world on this all new and exclusive Exotics Across America adventure.

Coast-To-Coast – but in Style!

This is a transcontinental road rally, but it is unlike any other. This is not a flat out blast along Interstate highways, where your objective is to be one of the first to get to the crazy party that night. In fact, we go out of our way to avoid all highways and interstates as we make our way from sea to shining sea. And we don’t focus on glamorous parties; we prefer the route to do the talking.

This is a luxury adventure for a select few. This event is for those who appreciate the finer things and really want to sample the style of their exotic car, driving some of the best roads you can find anywhere in the world, and all contained within the same event.

You needn’t worry about putting excess, high-speed miles on your car, either. We introduce you and your car to fun, rally roads instead and the total mileage is about the same as if you drove the “conventional” way along Interstate 20, from coast-to-coast!

Why This Is an Event with a Difference

This is where Exotics Across America should really appeal to you. We have used our three decades of unrivalled expertise in designing luxury and exotic car events to come up with a fantastic route, featuring only the best twisty, exciting and breathtaking country roads. We have chosen four and five-star hotels and found gourmet dining options for you each night.

But, most exciting of all, we go out of our way to ensure that you avoid many of the “boring bits.” On certain days we will look after transporting your vehicle from one batch of great rally roads to the next, while you are sleeping. We are working with one of the county’s top specialist transportation companies and have an advanced logistical plan in place to do so. We will also provide executive jet transportation for participants to travel from one rally base to the next.

Imagine, waking up in the morning, enjoying a nice breakfast, jumping into a limo and taking a short drive to the nearest executive airport. Following a pleasant and relatively short flight, imagine meeting back up with your exotic car, which is ready and waiting for you to enjoy yet another day’s adventure exploring those back roads.

Ready to Discover

The US has got some of the most iconic driving roads to be found anywhere. You may have heard of some of them – Million Dollar Highway, Skyline Drive, California Highway 1, Deals Gap, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway, the Three Sisters. We will take you there.

We will also introduce you to some of the most beautiful parts of the country, including the Catskills, Appalachians, Smoky Mountain National Park, the Texas Hill Country, the Grand Canyon, the towering Rocky Mountains, California Coast, etc.

New York to San Francisco – Sea to Shining Sea

We start off against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps, with a spectacular sendoff planned from New York City. Sixteen thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable days later we will reach the sparkling Pacific, to an amazing welcome at San Francisco’s five-star Fairmont hotel.

An All in One Adventure

This is a dream combination, where you get to see some of America’s iconic landmarks, visit some of her most scenic regions and drive those classic roads, seemingly designed just for your exotic.

So, imagine.

  • Imagine those amazing back roads and mountain passes.
  • Imagine spending each night reminiscing with your fellow rally participants over a gourmet meal at a top hotel.
  • Imagine not having to worry about all of the logistics associated with such a complicated but inspiring trip.
  • Imagine using your exotic car for exactly the purpose it was designed.

And imagine a transcontinental trip that takes in many of the best roads you will ever come across – all in one unforgettable event.

Exotics Across America. A 16 Day adventure of a lifetime, open only to a select group of 30 exotic car owners and their navigator companions.

Exotics Across America. Coast-To-Coast – in Style.


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  • 1

    New York City

    Spectacular start for our 16 day adventure

Where better to start an exclusive tour of the US?

  • Pre-event Welcome and Briefing
  • Cocktail reception
  • Gala welcome dinner
  • Special start ceremony
  • Iconic city landmarks
  • Five star host hotel

  • 2

    Spectacular East Coast Roads

    Kicking off the Adventure

The eastern seaboard states have some of the most amazing scenery and twisty blacktop.

  • Explore the Catskills
  • Allegheny Mountain trails
  • Pre-designed route with turn-by-turn directions
  • Great lunch venues each day
  • Luxury overnight hotel stops
  • Drive at your own pace, no pressure!

  • 3

    Iconic Roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Roads that you have to drive to believe

As our journey continues we will guide you along the finest "driver's roads" in the nation.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway - the All American road
  • from the Appalachians......
  • ....to the Smokies
  • We take care of your luggage!
  • Fun, driving "stages" along the way
  • Relaxed, day time driving - no pressure!

  • 4

    Are You Ready to Meet a Dragon?

    How about more than 300 curves in 11 miles?

The Tail of the Dragon is just one of the challenging, fun roads you will encounter.

  • The Virginias and Carolinas have some of the best backroads
  • You won't forget Deals Gap!
  • Heading for America's Deep South
  • Southern hospitality
  • Gourmet meals at every stop
  • Professional staff take care of all logistics

  • 5

    Visit the Lone Star State

    Little-known driving adventures in the Texas high roads

We spend two days exploring the Texas Hill Country

  • Wooded canyons, sparkling streams
  • Quirky, quaint, bucolic
  • German heritage and pink granite rocks!
  • One of two rest days is in San Antonio
  • More great days of driving to remember
  • Catch up with the day's adventure with fellow rallyists each night!
  • 6

    Awe-Inspiring Rocky Mountains

    Keep your camera ready!

You'll always remember roads like the Million Dollar Highway

  • Colorado is the most scenic state in the US
  • Towering mountains surround
  • These roads are perfect for your exotic
  • Historic Aspen
  • Snow capped peaks
  • Hairpins and high roads
  • 7

    America's Wild West

    Canyons, deserts, pinnacles, spires - and great roads!

More spectacular scenery and photo opportunities

  • Awe-inspiring Grand Canyon
  • Red rocks and strange formations
  • Sacred Indian landscapes
  • Millions of acres of rolling forestland
  • Echoes of the Wild West
  • Rugged country by day, resort living by night
  • 8

    California Dreaming

    Grand finale - the spectacle of America's west coast

Santa Barbara, Highway 1 and San Francisco

  • Pacific coast beauty
  • California Highway 1
  • Coastal mountain roads
  • Golden Gate park, the Presidio
  • Crazy hairpin bends of Lombard Street!
  • The city by the bay welcomes you!




Places Available


Days Driving


Rest Days


Grand Adventure!


These are the kind of roads - and this is the type of scenery that will await you on your Exotics Across America adventure. Don't just drive across the country - see what it really has to offer for your exotic car.

photo: Monroe County Tourism.

About the Organizers

Experience That's Unrivaled in the Industry

More than three decades of worldwide experience in rally organization from local to international status and specialists in the development of exotic car and luxury programs. Designers of automotive manufacturer programs and events across a broad range of disciplines

Complex Rally Organization at the Highest Level

More than 20 successful events at the factory level with the Ferrari organization in North America and China, as well as Maserati and Lamborghini and others

Worldwide Portfolio

Worldwide event promotion across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Why this will be a Grand Adventure

  • Unique Event

    Coast to Coast – but in STYLE!

  • Highly Experienced Team

    Decades of experience organizing complex rally events like this

  • None of the stress

    Forget crazy schedules, flat out interstates and late night parties like those “other” events…

  • Travel in style

    Both you and your car will travel in pampered style between rally venues

  • We take care of the luggage

    We collect from one hotel room and deliver to the next, seamlessly

  • Fun, special tests along the way

    We set up these driving tests at private venues, our specialty!

  • Unrivalled camaraderie

    Enjoy this unique experience with your fellow participants – it will be an event to remember!

  • Full Backup

    We take care of all the logistics, accommodations, catering, marketing, insurance……

Reviews From Happy Clients

We have worked with Nigel Evans and Rallyrace to develop rally-style events for our customers for many years. We have always been delighted with the level of professionalism displayed, and the finished product provided by them.

Luca Fronti, Ferrari North America Inc

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Nigel and Rally Race and keep challenging ourselves to find new areas that will further afford his endless creative efforts.

Deb Pollack, Executive Board Member, Danville d’Elegance Foundation

We would not have been able to (achieve FIA world championship status for Rally Mexico) without your help

Patrick Suberville, Director, Rally Mexico

I will recommend this to all my clients as no-one does a finer job than you and your team”

Sean Harris, Ferrari of Salt Lake City

Your Organizational Team Leaders


event director - decades of luxury event experience working with some of the world's most iconic brands | exotic car event specialist | company founder | certified event planner and entrepreneur


clerk of the course - one of the most experienced international clerks of the course in the business | route co-ordinator for all major trans-world long distance rallies | senior organizer on WRC Rally GB


director of marketing and promotions - 30 year career of creative marketing | PR campaigns and events for global brands | writer, speaker and ambassador for all things automotive | planner and organizer for race & rally series, road-shows, exhibitions and hospitality


clerk of the course - active competitor for 45 years on more than 500 events | senior organizer of more than a dozen major exotic car rallies | regional organizer FIA Rally GB


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